Terms and Warranty

It is a condition of sale that all retail products (and postage if applicable) are paid for in full prior to delivery / collection. 

Please note all shipments are posted / sent at your risk and shipping insurance is available at an extra charge. Be-Dazzled Browbands are not liable for any delays, damage, destruction and / or loss of any shipment.  Postage is usually via Postnet 2 Postnet counter to counter or Aramex to door (we try to avoid the Post Office) and articles are shipped uninsured (insurance is available at your specific request) - all costs will be for the clients account. DHL, etc is also available, but must however be arranged and pre-paid by yourself.

Custom order turnaround time is a minimum of two to three weeks from order if all required materials are in stock (during Showing season turn around time is up to six weeks from order). Manufacturing stock is ordered monthly from overseas and as such the time for delivery will vary depending on when you placed your custom order.

Please remember that computer screens and colour displays vary - I will not be responsible for the ordering of incorrect colours as colour names and ribbon colours also vary from supplier to supplier. If in doubt I can forward a colour sample at your expense prior to manufacturing.  Please note the description of colours used on photos as my browbands are (were possible) named after the horse it was initially made for and the name usually has no bearing on the colour and / or design.

Be-Dazzled Browbands carry a Warranty limited to faulty workmanship. Warranty does not cover wear and tear or accidental damage or any damage cause due to water, neglect, fading from sunlight exposure or misuse. 

Please note all Browbands and Canes are hand made.  I recommend reading my Brow Band Care and Cane Care Instructions for best advice on how to look after and clean your browband.

Browband Care Instructions and Tips

My Browbands are made from high quality materials. To get a long life from your browband it is recommended to always use it on a clean horse and handle your browband with clean hands - remember face makeup, leather oil, etc. is almost impossible to remove from satin and velvet ribbon!

To clean your browband, use a damp cloth and a little soap and gently dab - do not rub, and do not use any harsh chemicals, particularly on velvet.  I would not recommend putting your browband in hot water to wash it - rather spot clean as needed.  You can also Scotch Guard your browband if wanted.  The diamante buttons and rings are wired as well as sewn and glued to the rosette then wired to the flag for extra reinforcement, but horses (as we all know) get itchy and love rubbing so its recommended to not leave your horse unattended whilst wearing your browband.

I recommend that you store your browband in a clean dry environment and to cover it to protect it from the dust whilst not in use.

Cane Care Instructions and Tips

My canes are made from high quality materials, but they are however for display and not to be used as a riding aid or crop.  They can not sustain the same treatment as a leather or synthetic whip / crop and must be treated with care and as a decorative showing accessory.

PLEASE NOTE: The Diamante Chain used on handles is very fragile and if caught the clasps open and the diamante stones will fall out - should this happen I have enclosed some spare stones to replace any that might get lost.

Round Diamante Cane tops and Crystal Tops are extremely fragile and break easily - please take special care to protect them from damage caused by knocking / dropping / crushing / etc.

Leather canes are pre-treated with a tiny amount of shoe polish and Belvoir leather balsam mixed together - this can be done prior to a show for extra shine.

Please note bamboo shafts will not be 100% straight as they are natural products and can over time bend due to heat and / or humidity and as such proper care should be taken.  When not in use it is best to keep your cane in a safe place where it will not get damaged or exposed to climate changes or accidental damage.

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